A tuned arrow flies better than an expensive arrow.

I calculate exactly what spine, shaft length and point weight (or insert weight) the arrow needs for your unique setup to achieve optimal flight. Add in custom design arrow wraps to make them look as good as they fly.

All without breaking the bank.


What is a “tuned” arrow and why is it different than any other arrow?

The spine (or stiffness) of the arrow, along with the length and point weight are adjusted to give the optimal arrow flight for a specific archer’s bow (IBO speed), draw length and draw weight. I do this by using my own formulas backed with years of testing. Are you shooting 3D and want a light fast arrow, or looking to go out west and need a 500+ grain arrow? I can design two differently weighted arrows that will shoot out of your bow with the same flight characteristics. The only difference would be the drop of the arrow. That’s the difference between what I do vs the others that simply add a wrap or paint an arrow. There’s a lot more to tuning than just using the manufacture’s arrow charts. Those are merely a starting point. As your skill as an archer increase you will see those gains with tuned arrows, groups will be tighter and accuracy will be more repeatable. Every set will come with a full report showing all the stats for their customized arrows (dynamic spine, estimated speed, weight, kinetic energy, momentum, percent FOC, etc).


If an arrow is “underspined” it means the arrow shaft is too weak or flexes too much. This will cause the arrow to be flexing as it is flying. This oscillating motion causes the arrow to wonder as it flies. An underspined arrow is not only inaccurate, but could be dangerous.


If an arrow is “overspined” it means the arrow shaft is too stiff or doesn’t flex enough. This is a very unforgiving arrow and will cause the arrow to shoot closer to how the arrow would fly with no vanes on it (or like bare shaft tuning).

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I’ll crunch the numbers for your setup and let you know how it looks with your current arrow and then get back to you with my findings and recommendations.

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About me

I am a mechanical engineer with 19 years in R&D / product development with approximately 20 patents to my name. I took a deep dive into tuning arrows using my own calculations and spreadsheets along with existing software. Then further refined these calculations with years of testing. I started this company because I hated to seeing people walk into an archery shop and the guy behind the counter grabs a hand full of shafts chops them at a random length and throws some vanes on them and out the door they go. This is discouraging to the shooter because as their skills increase they will not see a change in results. On an important and possibly costly hunt a untuned arrow could lead to a poor shot and either missing the animal or even worse not getting a clean quick kill.